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#3794 by mvnaz
08 Jan 2017, 07:50
Hello everybody) Yesterday I translated all aimeos admin panel into ru language. Now I want to do it for front-end part of my site. As I understand it already translated and I have just set language. But I do not know how to do it.
I visited this link ... tor#Routes and tried some variants, but it do not work. Can somebody help me? Can you write simple example for me ? In advance I am very grateful!
#3796 by mvnaz
08 Jan 2017, 13:49
So, can somebody help me translate or set ru language in client part of site? For example in list route page or in myaccount page ? I need to translate all client part. Admin part I already translate
#3798 by aimeos
08 Jan 2017, 16:55
If you want to make Russian to the default language in the frontend, make sure it's the only entry with position 0 in the Locale tab of the expert mode admin interface:
#3799 by mvnaz
08 Jan 2017, 17:21
Thank you, aimeos! But I just did it as you said. I set 0 position in expert mode in locale->list for German language but site still in English language. Nothink happen. And tell me please how I can add here new language and activate it ?
#3801 by mvnaz
08 Jan 2017, 17:45
As you can see links in "attributes" translated into German but other did not translated. I need know how I can add new language and translate all frontend)
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#3802 by mvnaz
08 Jan 2017, 17:52
Excuse me please ) I understand and I add and activate new language. But I have new problem. After adding Russian language site look in this language, but prices not shows and it is impossible to buy ) How I can fix it?