Help for integrating the Laravel package
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#4082 by Ouarech
27 Mar 2017, 15:58

I followed the steps of the tutorial ... el-package

I tried to install Aimeos 2016.10 in Laravel 5.3.
The list displays went ok but when I reached the Admin part I got an error.

When I launched
I got directed to URL ... lt&lang=fr
{"error":"unauthenticated.","message":"Non authentifi\u00e9"}
in the page

Did I missed something in the steps?

Thank your for help.
#4083 by aimeos
27 Mar 2017, 16:10
Does your "app/Providers/AuthServiceProvider.php" contains these lines:
Code: Select allpublic function boot()
   // Keep the lines before

   Gate::define('admin', function($user, $roles) {
      return app( '\Aimeos\Shop\Base\Support' )->checkGroup( $user->id, $roles );