How to add new product via JSON Admin?

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How to add new product via JSON Admin?

Post by paravista » 07 Nov 2019, 17:33


I am trying to use the Aimeos JSON API (TYPO3 9.5.8 / Aimeos 19.10.1).

GET works well, but I have problems using POST and controller "Jsonadm" for example to add a new product.

I tried to follow the instructions on: ... _resources
The request body is a JSON encoded array with "data" on root level and type "product" where I am trying to set some attributes.

As a response I get a 401 "Not allowed for this resource". Any idea what is causing this issue? Are there maybe some mandatory attributes to set per product I am missing here?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

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Re: How to add new product via JSON Admin?

Post by aimeos » 09 Nov 2019, 10:37

The reason is that you are not authenticated. Before using the JsonAdm API, you have to login your client in your TYPO3 instance somehow.
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