Bootstrap package compatibility?

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Bootstrap package compatibility?

Post by pixelplumber » 11 Nov 2019, 10:25

Hi. I’m using typo3 9.5 with bootstrap package 10. I’m using the 4/sass version rather than the 3/less version. So far aimeos seems to render ok but is there risk that I run into issues?

Looking in the forums I see mention that aimeos is not using bootstrap 4 yet so I assume there is some possibility of strange interactions with the classes?

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Re: Bootstrap package compatibility?

Post by aimeos » 11 Nov 2019, 10:44

I think you can use both, Bootstrap 3 and 4. By default, version 3 is included but you can change that to version 4. We already use Bootstrap 4 in the Aimeos standalone shop: ... ss/app.css

If there are any problems, we should be able to fix them.
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