several product direct to the same product

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several product direct to the same product

Post by MikaelNazarenko » 04 Dec 2019, 14:40

Hi )

Versions information:

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aimeos/ai-admin-jqadm                 2019.10.6  Aimeos ai-admin-jqadm extension
aimeos/ai-admin-jsonadm               2019.10.2  Aimeos ai-admin-jsonadm extension
aimeos/ai-client-html                 2019.10.10 Aimeos ai-client-html extension
aimeos/ai-client-jsonapi              2019.10.2  Aimeos JSON API extension
aimeos/ai-controller-frontend         2019.10.3  Aimeos ai-controller-frontend extension
aimeos/ai-controller-jobs             2019.10.4  Aimeos ai-controller-jobs extension
aimeos/ai-gettext                     2019.10.1  Aimeos Gettext extension
aimeos/ai-laravel                     2019.10.2  Laravel adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-payments                    2019.10.1  Payment extension for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-swiftmailer                 2019.10.1  SwiftMailer adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/aimeos-core                    2019.10.7  Full-featured e-commerce components for high performance online shops
aimeos/aimeos-laravel                 2019.10.1  Professional, full-featured and high performance Laravel e-commerce package for online shops and complex B2B projects
Problem description:

I have four similar products, this is generated links to their detail pages:


The problem is that the output on detail page is always only for one product! Seems it doesn't use id of product..

I looked at

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$code = $config->get( 'client/html/catalog/detail/prodcode-default' );
$name = $view->param( 'd_name' );
$cntl = \Aimeos\Controller\Frontend::create( $context, 'product' )->uses( $domains );


$productItem = ( $id ? $cntl->get( $id ) : ( $code ? $cntl->find( $code ) : $cntl->resolve( $name ) ) );
$this->addMetaItems( $productItem, $expire, $tags );

$products = $productItem->getRefItems( 'product' );
$this->addMetaItems( $products, $expire, $tags );
and output of dumps is only $name, $id and $code variables are null.

Please, give me idea where the problem may be ?

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Re: several product direct to the same product

Post by aimeos » 04 Dec 2019, 16:36

Your product names should be unique so they can be distinguished by their name. If this is not the case, you can use this configuration to force using the "d_prodid" parameter instead of the name: ... url/filter

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client/html/catalog/detail/url/filter = []
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