Catalog only site with no basket

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Catalog only site with no basket

Post by pixelplumber » 06 Dec 2019, 13:08

I’ve been experimenting with TYPO3 and aimeos 2019.10.2 plugin trying to create a catalog only site with no purchasing. So far I’ve used the plugin typoscript to disable some domains to hide bits of the catalog detail templates.

I’m having trouble removing the add to basket button and number though. The docs seem to indicate you can set “basket-add” to false. ... basket-add

I’ve tried this in my ts template as plugin.tx_aimeos.settings.client.html.catalog.product.basket-add = 0 and false

And I’ve tried it in the detail plugin ts with client.html.catalog.product.basket-add = 0 and false.

None of those seem to work the button remains. Is this the right setting to use or do I have to touch the actual templates?

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Re: Catalog only site with no basket

Post by aimeos » 07 Dec 2019, 10:32

This configuration option is for the list views to display an "add to basket" button. It doesn't apply to the detail view and to remove the button from there, you should copy the catalog/detail/body-standard.php template to your own extension and remove the appropriate section there.
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