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#2400 by abv
27 Jan 2016, 15:37
I use the current aimeos shop extension in current TYPO3 6.2.

How is it possible to outsource the email templates with typoscript setting?

This documentation doesnt help

I tried in scheduler, plugin.... = fileadmin/mytemplate.html

With or without plugin prefix doesnt work.

All what i want is a basic example, i can modify for my usage. But i can´t find one.
Got some one?
#2406 by aimeos
27 Jan 2016, 17:19
abv wrote:How is it possible to outsource the email templates with typoscript setting?

You should create a custom extension for your project:

This allows you to overwrite single templates by copying them to the same location/directory in the extension. With TypoScript alone there's only the possibility to change the template path completely which means you would need to duplicate all templates. But that is not recommended as you would prevent getting updates for the templates you haven't touched.
#2442 by abv
29 Jan 2016, 10:07
So i tried to create a Extension.

I tested following with the template


Both doesnt work. And i get as output the default template. I only want some simple changes in this template.
So what should I do exactly for this scenario?
#2445 by aimeos
29 Jan 2016, 12:41
abv wrote:typo3conf\ext\aimeos\Resources\Libraries\aimeos\aimeos-core\client\html\layouts\common\summary\detail-body-default.html


This one is correct. Did you've cleared the frontend cache or disabled caching for development in the extension configuration accessible via the extension manager?
#2447 by abv
29 Jan 2016, 13:10
It works now. My fault was the wrong version!
I tried "TYPO3 2016.x extension" but with current typo3 ter amios version the "TYPO3 2.x extension" is the right thing.

thx for help