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#4458 by hasmb
08 Aug 2017, 18:41

how can I setup shipping costs depending on basket value?

I already have some delivery services (letter, parcel, ...) and want them to be only shown wheen the basket value is in a certain range.

Did experiment with condition for reduction but this only changes prices but does not help to select the right delivery option.

Also tried to define different prices for one delivery and add appropriate conditions in the configuration of the related prices but did not succeed.

Has anyone some hints?


TYPO3 7.6
Aimeos 17.07
#4461 by aimeos
09 Aug 2017, 11:17
You need to implement a service provider decorator like these ones:

The implementation would be similar like this one:

We would love if you can contribute your decorator to the Aimeos core :-)
Alternatively, you can ask the Aimeos company to implement that feature for you:
They will integrate it into the Aimeos core too.