Config paypal account

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Config paypal account

Post by johnmartin » 11 Sep 2017, 17:42

Hi Guys,
I need your help to get the paypal credentials. I have entered the page of developers of paypal, and my first question is, What type of app do I have to create ?. Since there are 3 options: the braintree SDK, the REST API and the NVP / SOAP.
The second question is, Where do I get the necessary data and credentials to be able to configure the paypal account for ecommerce? Because they request within 4 aimeos credentials according to " ... rvice_list":
  • paypalexpress.AccountEmail (The mail from my paypal, I have no problem)
  • paypalexpress.ApiUsername (I do not know where I get it)
  • paypalexpress.ApiPassword (I also do not know where to get it)
  • paypalexpress.Signature (the secret token, that if you know where to find it)
  • paypalexpress.EndPoint (although it is not required according to the documentation of aimeos but it is in the initial test credentials in the demo, so I also ask if it is indispensable or not to put it).
Aimeos version: ~2017.07,
php versión: 7.1.7
Enviroment: Windows 10

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Re: Config paypal account

Post by aimeos » 12 Sep 2017, 20:03

You need the NVP API, there you will get the username, password and signature in your PayPal account.
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Re: Config paypal account

Post by johnmartin » 14 Sep 2017, 14:52

Yes I did it. I was going to use a sandbox account to perform tests, and I had redirection problems but in the end I could configure well and get the credentials. Credentials I got it in the dashboard of the paypal developers page (

Inside the dashboard, in sandbox -> accounts, you must have a business sandbox account. You select that account in the Sandbox accounts window and then in profile to select the Api credentials tab

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