How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#4592 by hasmb
14 Sep 2017, 08:02

in a shop selling unique products (works of art) we want to hide them from customers in the catalogue when they are sold.

Is there a possibility to only show products with stocklevel > 0?

Or how can the product be set deactivated or archived when last item is sold/delivered?


BTW: customer likes the new easy/simple mode.
#4595 by aimeos
14 Sep 2017, 17:05
The stock level data is loaded async via AJAX.

You have three options:
- Extend the Javascript method that's used to add the stock levels to hide those products
- Extend the catalog lists class where you retrieve the stock levels for the products and remove those that are out of stock
- Write a frontend controller decorator that deactivates the product if it's out of stock

The Javascript approach is very simple to implement. The first two options have the disadvantage that a product listing can contain less products than normal, e.g. 23 products instead of 24 on the first page, 24 on the second and so on. Which do you prefer?

That's good to hear that about the new simple admin interface. The next version will be able to cover all functionality and improves usability further :-)
#4615 by hasmb
19 Sep 2017, 09:40
Thanks for the info.

We will see which way to go.

One thing to improve usability further would be to make the column selection and sort direction in backend list views persitent. Every time the user leaves the shop interface additionally selected columns are gone - both in expert and simple.