No Typo3like Database definition

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No Typo3like Database definition

Post by mantik » 23 Oct 2017, 05:58

Hello guys
just one hint: in Typo3 you have to declare ALL tables in the SQL File (aimeos/ext_tables.sql). If you don't do that the Installtool will delete the whole tables on next DB-compare.

Here are some examples from my DB-Compare:
ALTER TABLE mshop_attribute RENAME zzz_deleted_mshop_attribute;
Records in table: 14
ALTER TABLE mshop_attribute_list RENAME zzz_deleted_mshop_attribute_list;
Records in table: 57
ALTER TABLE mshop_attribute_list_type RENAME zzz_deleted_mshop_attribute_list_type;
Records in table: 8

(First rename - next step will be delete)

Comparing is needed if someone adds a new field on some extensions or make a typo3-major update so i think it will be better to update this things.

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Re: No Typo3like Database definition

Post by aimeos » 23 Oct 2017, 11:46

Aimeos database setup works differently because it supports not only TYPO3 and duplicating table definitions won't work with 3rd party extensions. We still try to convince the TYPO3 people so we can hide our own tables:
Professional support and custom implementation are available at
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