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#4813 by mantik
25 Oct 2017, 09:21
Hello when in will upload an PDF i got this Message

No ".." allowed in path "../../typo3conf/ext/aimeos/Resources/Public/Images/Mimeicons/application/pdf.png", /var/www/vhosts/

How can i output a media bunch of a special type
#4827 by aimeos
26 Oct 2017, 12:16
This has been fixed in the latest Aimeos core (2017.10.4). If you use composer, you can install the new core version by executing "composer update".

To get all media items of a special type, use
Code: Select all$productItem->getRefItems( 'media', '<type>' )

where type is the type code you selected in the image sub-panel.
#4837 by aimeos
27 Oct 2017, 23:27
In ca. three weeks, when the next minor version of the TYPO3 extension will be released