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#7161 by Bhavesh
05 Nov 2018, 10:03

I have added some product using product upload and now if I try to update the product and then change is not saved in the database and I am getting this error No value for key "item" found, /var/www/html/interloper-laravel/vendor/aimeos/aimeos-core/lib/mwlib/src/MW/View/Standard.php:119

I also attach the screenshot that error i am getting

So please anyone help how to fixed and resolve this error
screenshot-localhost-8000-2018.11.05-15-26-31.png (123.04 KiB) Viewed 15 times
#7164 by aimeos
05 Nov 2018, 21:50
Please have a look into the "Log" panel and look for the stack trace for this error. There you can see in which template the problem occurs so you can try to fix the problem.