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#6807 by stiller
28 Aug 2018, 12:07
hi there.

I've tried to attach a PDF to the payment mail following your configuration: ... ttachments

here my typoscript translate in the scheduler section

Code: Select {
payment.attachments {
0 = fileadmin/agb.pdf
   email-logo = fileadmin/logo.png

I've tried relative and absolute path entries with/without domain. No mail at all is beeing sent as soon as I'm using this configuration. also no logo is beeing displayed at the top of the mail body.

by the way. I'm receiving customer account mails in arabic whereas payment mails are in the default language. how can this happen?

typo3 8.7.18
aimeos 18.7.0

any hints?
#6887 by stiller
09 Sep 2018, 22:16
how can I check that?
as stated before.
no mail is beeing sent at all as soon as I implement the attachment typoscript.
do you get a mail out on your typo3 reference system?
#6898 by aimeos
10 Sep 2018, 21:28
The configuration is used here:

And the files added to the Swiftmailer library there:

The problem must be a bug in the Swiftmailer library ...
#7327 by stiller
09 Dec 2018, 00:13
the following change in aimeos\Resources\Private\Extensions\ai-client-html\client\html\src\Client\Html\Email\Payment\Standard.php
line 449ff does solve it for us.
but of course it makes aimeos updates more difficult

Code: Select all$mimetype = 'application/pdf';
$msg->addAttachment( $content, $mimetype, basename( $filename ) );