Uploaded product's images are not shown

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Uploaded product's images are not shown

Post by lamaf » 25 Dec 2018, 13:35

Hi, I installed this fabulous bundle and everything seemed to be working well untill I notice that images uploaded were not displaying in administration interface. I have adapted the client/html/common/content/baseurl to my real path in my config file like: http://localhost/aimeos/web/uploads but I still have the problem. I checked whether the image is uploaded to the server, in fact it is. then, I check the folder, I found that It point both to '../web/preview/2/8/286ec2e755222449277376d27912b469.jpg' and '../web/files/4/7/4760f0f7165cc7eb92730d024b5da2fb.jpg' I am confused because files are saved in my configured directory I mean http://localhost/aimeos/web/uploads. Any idea to solve that? please help.


1. Version: 2018.10
2. Integration: Symfony
3. System: Windows

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Re: Uploaded product's images are not shown

Post by aimeos » 27 Dec 2018, 12:23

The "client/html/common/content/baseurl" is for URL the files are publically available. That may be locally or at a CDN or somewhere else. The place where the files are physically stored is configured using the "resource/fs*" configuration, i.e. by default: https://github.com/aimeos/aimeos-symfon ... op.yml#L32
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