Help for integrating the Laravel package
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#5481 by nos3
21 Jan 2018, 11:58
In an Aimeos standard setup, you can create as many shops as you like. Each one is separate from each other but they all share the same configuration and templates.

The ai-sites extension we are offering enables you to create a tree of sites of unlimited depth and width below each of the sites from a standard installation. These child sites can inherit data from their anchestor sites and add additional data like differen prices, texts, images, attributes, etc. This is usefull if you have different portals that share common product data like in many B2B scenarios. Furthermore, you can configure the extension to aggregate data from child sites into the top level sites or any site in between. Thus, you can build a market place or several market places at different site levels. Our extension is very flexible in what it allows you to do, so you can totally configure it according to your needs.