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#7766 by FAlberto
13 Mar 2019, 19:30

I'm new in Aimeos and I added this package to my website written in SlimPHP.

Everything was ok until that in the admin dashboard don't charged some resources.

Specifically when I go to the /admin route, there are a call with the OPTIONS method to /admin/default/jsonadm with the 404 code.

I don't know how to fix this. Please anyone can help me?

Slim ^3.0, aimeos-slim ~2017.07, Windows 10
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#7782 by aimeos
15 Mar 2019, 09:44
Does one of your routes collide with the Aimeos ones? We've checked and in a blank Slim installation the OPTIONS request to the JsonAdm API works without problems. Another problem could be that your web server doesn't allow OPTIONS requests for some reason (e.g. configuration).
#7787 by FAlberto
15 Mar 2019, 13:07
Very thanks, the problem is with one middleware that I use in my routes.php, the TrailingSlash middleware, but i don't know exactly why, I commented this middleware and the problem is solved...

Really thanks :D.