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#8000 by Battamich
03 May 2019, 11:24
Hi everyone,

I recently tried to install the aimeos demo inside my server running apache2. Inside this server I have multiple laravel installations and I tried to configure them like this inside my httpd.conf:

Code: Select all<VirtualHost *:80>
       ServerName {server_name}
       DocumentRoot /var/www/XXX/public
       Alias /XXY /var/www/XXY/public
       Alias /aimeos /var/www/aimeos/public

       <Directory /var/www/XXX>
              AllowOverride All

       <Directory /var/www/XXY>
              AllowOverride All

       <Directory /var/www/aimeos>
              AllowOverride All


I also modified my .htaccess file under public adding:
Code: Select allRewriteBase /aimeos

and APP_URL in .env file:
Code: Select allAPP_URL={server_url}/aimeos

While both my other installations are working fine, both responding with correct routing:

Aimeos seems to responde correctly only when I try to get to the homepage {server_url}/aimeos/ redirecting me to {server_url}/aimeos/list.
All others routes responds like this: {server_url}/detail/15/Demo_article/0 removing my alias in the url and generating 404.

I can't understand the source of this problem.. is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance,
#8004 by Battamich
06 May 2019, 07:36
I cleared artisan cache using:

Code: Select allphp artisan cache:clear
php artisan route:cache
php artisan config:cache
php artisan view:clear

The url {server_url}/aimeos/login works.

Even when I type {server_url}/aimeos/detail/15/Demo_article/0, I get the product page but I don't get redirected properly when I click the product itself from the list page.