Attribute Explanation

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Attribute Explanation

Post by jim365 » 10 Sep 2019, 16:38

Hi, I have just installed Aimeos to trial it but I am a little confused with the attribute system.

I am used to a system where you set up attribute names in advance, some with pre-determined options (i.e. radio buttons or check boxes). Am I right in thinking that Aimeos works on the basis of defining every attribute value as an attribute.

i.e. Voltage
Attribute 1 = Voltage 12V
Attribute 2 = Voltage 24v
Attribute 3 = Colour Red
Attribute 4 = Colour Blue

Then in your product you simply add the voltage of your choosing rather than selecting the voltage attribute type and then selecting which actual voltage? I hope I have made this clear.

I hope this makes sense, thanks.

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Re: Attribute Explanation

Post by aimeos » 11 Sep 2019, 16:18

The Aimeos attributes are pretty similar if you map in your mind:
- attribute -> Aimeos attribute type
- option -> Aimeos attribute

The rest of what you say is true if we understood it correctly :-)
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