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by sirick
01 Mar 2024, 13:53
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Topic: Description of variant product
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Description of variant product

Hello, If I have a select product and 2 variants associated with this product, how can I show the description of each variant at the frontend product page when a user selects the options of variant 1 or variant 2? Currently the description doesn't change. It retrieves only the description of the sel...
by sirick
28 Feb 2024, 00:39
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: Associate existed attributes with created product
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Re: Associate existed attributes with created product

I have the exact same question but I couldn't find a solution in the Docs. From what I understand, we must create a manager for each database table (domain) and poppulate it ourselves? Isn't there a mechanism to associate attributes with products or category with products etc? $manager = \Aimeos\MSh...
by sirick
25 Feb 2024, 13:45
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Topic: questions about products
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questions about products

Aimeos: Latest all packages included (aimeos-laravel) PHP: 8.2.1 Env: Linux, Debian Hello, I am a developer, creating a marketplace for a client that bought aimeos with all extensions. I am going to import products through API calls from other marketplaces and i have some questions regarding the pro...