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by AnthonyLim
18 Jun 2019, 08:47
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: One click order
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One click order

Wonder what must be done in order to perform a "one-click" order. At the moment, any users need to go through the various steps in the shopping cart to complete a checkout. How to preset the delivery address, delivery option and payment option to the default so that the user can bypass these steps?
by AnthonyLim
18 May 2019, 03:46
Forum: Help
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Generally, you can install XAMPP for Windows, install Composer, then follow the steps to install Aimeos. Step by step for XAMPP - Step by step for Composer - Then you got to decide wher...
by AnthonyLim
18 May 2019, 03:14
Forum: TYPO3 extension
Topic: Need to build ecommerce platform under 3 weeks.
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Re: Need to build ecommerce platform under 3 weeks.

There got to be more compelling reason to use Laravel. For my case, I need to do a lot of customisation and other specific needs not related to e-commerce. If you need just a e-commerce platform, I would go with Prestashop or other platforms with lots of ready plugins.
by AnthonyLim
18 May 2019, 01:59
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: Design
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Re: Design

You can definitely use the bundled theme provided; no need to change if you like it.
If you want to create your own theme, you can start by reading the documentation and probably
by AnthonyLim
17 May 2019, 16:05
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: Make login require for checkout the order
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Re: Make login require for checkout the order

Not exactly what you ask for, but what I did was to make the user login even before shopping. It's pretty easy; just edit config/shop.php and configure the "routes" like so:

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'routes' => [
      'default' => ['prefix' => 'shop', 'middleware' => ['web','auth']],
by AnthonyLim
17 May 2019, 09:28
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: Checkout problems
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Checkout problems

I have followed the instructions on the github page to install Aimeos (2019.4) with initial data on a fresh Laravel (5.8.15) project running on Linux with PHP 7.3.4. The application run without much problems and I was able to make orders. I wrote my own frontend to register new users and changed the...