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by AndreyFedotov
11 Mar 2021, 06:31
Forum: TYPO3 extension
Topic: Aimeos mobile app
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Re: Aimeos mobile app

How can I manage basket for mobile apps and frontend frameworks like vuejs if basket can be fetched only using cookies. Question is how can I update storage to database and store added products to basket in database and fetch them using user's token. I can do everything except basket storage driver....
by AndreyFedotov
09 Mar 2021, 09:58
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: Import csv with supplier
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Re: Import csv with supplier

At the moment it's not supported to import suppliers in the product CSV file (categories are). You can implement a processor for suppliers in exactly the same way than for categories:
by AndreyFedotov
09 Mar 2021, 05:02
Forum: Laravel package
Topic: Associate existed attributes with created product
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Associate existed attributes with created product

Hi every one. I have task to create artisan command to create products and populate database with entries from external resource. I've managed to create product using Aimeos Manager like this: $productsManager = MShop::create($this->context, 'product'); $item = $productsManager->create(); $itemArray...