Questions around the Aimeos bundle for the Symfony framework
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#4905 by Doveman
08 Nov 2017, 22:06
I have installed Aimeos using the composer update command after making all the edits described in the installation instructions. I now have a working copy. In my attempt to understand the structure so I can make intelligent modifications I have been going through the developer documentation and I keep coming across references to "Configuration/Core/..." and "Developers/Library/..." as well as other things I can't seem to find. Is there an additional set of code that I need to install or did I miss something in the original install? I have done it several times always with the same result.
#4912 by aimeos
09 Nov 2017, 20:37
"Core" and "Library" in the Aimeos documentation refernence the Aimeos core, i.e. everything without the integration (the Symfony bundle in your case). If you execute "composer show", you will notice the "aimeos/aimeos-core" and "aimeos/ai-*" packages which are covered by this documentation.

Here's the software stack that matches also the composer packages: