Questions around the Aimeos bundle for the Symfony framework
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#3824 by JSchatral
12 Jan 2017, 11:06
Hello together,
I'm new in Symfony an special with Aimeos. I using the developer Suite Netbeans 8.2. The Aimeos Installation guide prescribes to see all components and get everything working, I need to adapt the Twig base template in app/Resources/views/base.html.twig.
After replacement with the given sample code from the installation guide I run the Website with the ".. /app_dev.php/list" Parameter and I could see all elements like basket, filter and products but without any bootstrapp formatting. If I call "../app_dev.php/admin" all elements of the admin page are correcty displayed with formatting. Is there something special with Netbeans? I modified the base.html.twig in the vendor/aimeos-symfony section. I hope this should be correct. Has someone experience with Netbeans and Symfony Aimeos?

What is going wrong? - Thank you..

Greeting from Germany
#3826 by aimeos
12 Jan 2017, 16:55
Please don't modify files from the Aimeos package! They will get overwritten as soon as you execute "composer update" on the command line. Instead, Symfony allows to overwrite templates when placed in "app/Resources/AimeosShopBundle/views/Shop/...". Please have a look at the Symfony documentation:

The the output isn't as expected, probably the template has an error. Revert your changes and see if it works again.