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#3832 by alex110504
15 Jan 2017, 04:35
Is there a way to reset count of category ID's in catalog? I had initial catalog tree with the root category starting with 1. I deleted the tree in expert admin panel and started creating a new one, however the category id's shifted. The root now starts with 15. Deleted all categories again, ran "index/rebuild" and "admin/cache" jobs, created new list of categories, but this did not help.

Running symfony "aimeos/aimeos-core": "~2016.10"
symfony 3.1.8
#3834 by alex110504
15 Jan 2017, 15:11
Deleted entire category tree through admin back end, used the suggested command, refreshed the admin back end in browser, added new root node, id is incremented again. Starts with 17 now. I guess I'll live with it. Thanks!