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#7633 by tenkraD
08 Feb 2019, 15:32
Hello All,

I get always an ERR_CACHE_MISS if i go back from details page after a search.

1. I submit a searchword in catalog filter. Product i searched appears. 2. I click on it and Detail Page loads with the clicked Product. 3. If i now try to get Back in Browser i get an Error in Browser ERR_CACHE_MISS and have to reload the Page.

I see on the aimeos demo Page this isnt normal but i see also that on typo3 demo Page its setted up as Laravel CMS and not Typo3. Is this a Typo3 Problem or do i miss some configuration stuff.

How can i handle this behavior?
go_back_from_detail_page.JPG (47.15 KiB) Viewed 144 times
#7634 by tenkraD
08 Feb 2019, 16:15
The Problem seams also Browser related.
IE11 -> Website Expired
Firefox -> Document Expired
Google-Chrome -> Error_Cache_Miss

IE Edge -> Going back works

But i still think i miss something in my config or doing something wrong cause on the Aimeos Laravel Demo Page its working with all browsers.
#7640 by aimeos
09 Feb 2019, 14:12
If you use the full text search or the facetted search filter, then a form POST is used and if you click on a product and go back, browsers think that they can't use the cached page content again. Only solution is to change the catalog filter form action to GET:
#7644 by tenkraD
11 Feb 2019, 11:11
Changing to GET does the trick thanks, but its a bit ugly.

Im using the normal catalog filter plugin, dont know if that is the facetted search.
Do you know how aimeos does it on demo page?
There its also a POST and its working without missing the cache.
#7649 by aimeos
12 Feb 2019, 11:55
The attributes part of the catalog filter component is also known as facetted search.
We don't know why browsers act differently there because all integrations and the demo use exactly the same code.