basket takes long to load!!!

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basket takes long to load!!!

Post by monicgomes » 19 Jun 2019, 00:52

hi there
when I add a product to the basket the basket overlay takes a long time to load.
I can only guess the hardware behind your demo shop where the basket appears much faster.
but on a vserver with 4GB RAM it often takes more than 5 sec.

also with the aimeos typo3 installation package with no further adjustments.
what can slow down the basket request?
is there a possibility to show an animated gif during this process so that the user receives some feedback on his action and keeps patience?
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Re: basket takes long to load!!!

Post by superscotty19 » 19 Jun 2019, 05:56


It definitely sounds like a load issue because my install is running *fast*. Your server specs sound OK, but it could also be your browser/computer. To eliminate all variables, have you tried on another system? Also, if you can provide the URL, I can check the speed on my end.


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Re: basket takes long to load!!!

Post by aimeos » 19 Jun 2019, 08:02

Is everything else (TYPO3, Aimeos list/detail views and esp. the checkout steps) fast or do they also have a low performance?
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