How to create new controller in aimoes shop

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How to create new controller in aimoes shop

Post by Charles » 11 Sep 2019, 12:43

Hello all,

I am using aimeos shop in typo3, I am just beginner for creating the custom plugin in aimoes. My goal is to create a new controller which can be called from the root URL. But I do not succeed in the creation of a new controller. I have searched a lot but can't get the clear definition

Example : Root_url/index.php?controller=newcontroller&action=index

Please guide me for this implementation

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Re: How to create new controller in aimoes shop

Post by aimeos » 11 Sep 2019, 16:29

What you want is to create a new TYPO3 extbase controller and create a plugin from that.
That's a bit difficult to explain so we will show you the code in the Aimeos extension you can copy/paste/adapt from ...

1.) Implement a new Extbase controller in your own extension (keep care about the correct directories): ... roller.php

2.) Set up autoloading correctly: ... on#L34-L39

3.) Add such a block to your ext_localconf.php to register your Extbase controller: ... hp#L47-L52
Professional support and custom implementation are available at
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