Routing fails on Apache Webserver

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Routing fails on Apache Webserver

Post by chvonrohr » 29 Aug 2019, 08:24

I integrated the Aimeos Shop in my NEOS site and finally wanted to deploy it to the live server. The admin interface is secured by Policy.yaml as described here:

On the final system, I recognized routing issues in the admin interface, where encoded slashes are part of the url, e.g. (%2f):
-> leads to a "Not found" page

After some research, I found out that Apache does not allow this by default, but needs the setting "AllowEncodedSlashes" set to "On". As my hoster doesn't allow this and this can't be set in the .htaccess file, my question if there is any workaround?

Also queries to the jsonadm end in a 403 (Forbidden), but I guess this is something different related to a CORS problem not handled by the Flow Wrapper,

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Re: Routing fails on Apache Webserver

Post by aimeos » 30 Aug 2019, 07:33

Don't know if this is the remedy. That Apache configuration option is off by default and there are Flow installations that are running on Apache without. You can try a workaround and add Flow routes that encode slashes differently.
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Re: Routing fails on Apache Webserver

Post by JoseBibiloni » 06 Apr 2020, 17:45

Was this solved? Is there an example solution for this issue? I have problems with the WAF in my case blocking the slashes.

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