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#7174 by stiller
07 Nov 2018, 22:54
Since TYPO3 8.7.20 aimeos can't fetch the baseurl from TYPO3 anymore.
this leads to broken links in E-Mails
TYPO3 8.7.18 works fine.
We are using aimeos 18.10.2

is there a workaround?

cheers. V
#7181 by stiller
07 Nov 2018, 23:35
no clou about 8.7.19.
in 8.7.18. the E-Mail-Links to basket products are correct.
in 8.7.20 the domain is missing
#7326 by stiller
09 Dec 2018, 00:01
sorry. it took me a while to come back to this.
domain record of links in typo3 8.7.19 mailings is set correctly.
the problem is obviously caused by changes in 8.7.20.

any plans to react to this?
#7354 by stiller
12 Dec 2018, 23:56
this has become a hot topic since TYPO3 has published security updates on 11/12.
Product links in Aimeos E-MAils remain to be broken with TYPO3 8.7.21
are you planning to provide a fix for the missing domain record?
#7377 by aimeos
14 Dec 2018, 14:10
We've tested retrieving the domain for the Aimeos advanced scheduler task in 8.7.22 and 9.5.1 and both work without problem. As no one else reported such an issue, it's probably a problem of your installation.

Can you please check if the domain record for your root page is set and if the page ID for the detail page in the Aimeos advanced scheduler task is set to the correct page?
#7379 by stiller
15 Dec 2018, 00:41
that's surprising since my configuration is working with typo3 8.7.19 and below.
domain record is set and page ID for detail view as well although there are severall.
what else can affect the url building in mails?
are there any aimeos specific typoscript settings regarding urls etc.
something like config.absoluteUri = 1 that has to be set somewhere?

#7381 by nos3
15 Dec 2018, 16:46
We are noticing the same problem. 8.7.19 was OK, in 8.7.22 the URLs in the e-mails are not absolute any more. It doesn't depend on which Aimeos version we are using (18.10.x or dev-master).

With TYPO3 8.7.22, links in the order confirmation e-mail are:
- CLI: relative without domain and protocol
- web: absolute and with protocol

The domain is still retrieved from the domain records and assigned to $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] but that isn't used by TYPO3 any more. Searching in the commits between 8.7.19 and 8.7.22 it turned out that this commit is the problem:

If HTTP_HOST isn't set from the beginning, the empty value will be cached and not updated if it changes. The only way to force update is clearing the cache with:
Code: Select allGeneralUtility::flushInternalRuntimeCaches();