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#7171 by Moritz
07 Nov 2018, 14:52

First of all I want say that I very like your shop system. Thanks for that.

Now to my problem.
I want to show specific attributes of a type (e.g. width) for each item in the catalog list.
My decision is to use a sub-subpart of the item subpart for this. Is that the right way?

For testing I was able to create a subpart for catalog detail and replace the service subpart with it.
But I don't accomplish to change the order of the parts in the catalog detail view.
With TypoScript I can only use 'service' and 'seen' inside this path: plugin.tx_aimeos.settings.client.html.catalog.detail.standard.subpart
Can you explain how to change the order of catalog detail elements with TypoScript e.g. move the add-basket button to the top?

But back to the main problem.
I need an working example how to create a subpart within the item in a catalog list and the necessary TypoScript configuration to display it on the right place.
I've tried the last days much variants but nothing works to my fits.
#7183 by Moritz
08 Nov 2018, 10:06
I want to show the attributes from characteristics (in detail view shown between description and properties), not from options. And only ones of a specific type like width or color, not all.

And do you have a working example for creating a subpart in catalog list?
I've created the subpart class in my_ext/client/html/src/Client/Html/Catalog/Lists/Mysubpart/Standard.html and the templatefile in my_ext/client/html/template/catalog/lists/mysubpart-body-standard.html.
How it is possible to use this now in catalog list?