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#4180 by webshade
07 May 2017, 13:45

How can I add a stocklevel to different sizes?
We have clothes with different sizes and stocklevels.
E.g. of sizes and their stocklevel:
S -> 5
M -> 4
L -> 9
XL -> 20

Any ideas?

#4181 by aimeos
08 May 2017, 12:41
Create a product of type selection in the simple mode admin interface and add one article for each size. It will create and associate the articles to your selection product. Afterwards, you can give each article its own stock level.
#5589 by gladgladwrap
29 Jan 2018, 02:58

After selecting a product and moving to tab: Basic I have changed theType to Selection.

Within the Products I moved to the Variants tab and I created the instances for the different clothing sizes (S, M, L, ...), each with their own unique SKU and labels. I am also able to add stock for each Variant.

The problem is that when I modify the Variant I am not able to change the Variant Attribute to list by size. It is default listing by Colour. What I am trying to achieve, for example, is to display a page for a black sweater and allow the user to select their size from a drop-down menu.

#5590 by gladgladwrap
29 Jan 2018, 03:46
I found the solution/ I found out how to add our own attributes.

Simply click on the Attributes tab and add a new one. Then if we go back to a specific product's Variant tab we can add this new Variant Attribute.

Some things in the API and the structure of the documentation is not very intuitive. Can I push documentation onto Aimeos in any way?
#5594 by aimeos
29 Jan 2018, 17:01
You should have received an e-mail with your account details. Feel free to add and improve the docs :-)