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#4291 by pheeb
01 Jun 2017, 11:48
After an update from aimeos 17.3.0 to 17.4.1 the translation for currency in typoscript doesn't do anymore:

Code: Select {
   domain = client/currency
   string = CHF
   trans = CHF

Other translations work like:

Code: Select {
   domain = client
   string = Your search result
   trans = Suchresultat

Did i miss something?


Typo3 7.6.10
PHP 5.6.30-0+deb8u1
#4298 by pheeb
02 Jun 2017, 07:37
I don't understand, in the de.po file the id is "CHF" and the string "Fr". Now i want to change "Fr" to "CHF".

Code: Select all#. Fr
#. reference:
#. code: CHF
#. sign: Fr, SFr
#. symbol: CHF
#. sequence: <amount><sign>
msgid "CHF"
msgstr "Fr"

In v. 17.3.0 the typoscript code changed it, but now i don't see my mistake. :?
#4299 by aimeos
02 Jun 2017, 08:57
OK, I see. It works quite well in our test environment so I assume that the problem is somewhere else.
Please check if
- you've cleared the cache (TYPO3)
- the locale language is still "de" (TYPO3 and in the admin interface)
- the TS isn't overwritten by another translation block using the same index "0"