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#4420 by tenkraD
25 Jul 2017, 09:08
I installed the newest aimeos extension 17.7.0. on Typo3 7.6.20 and done the installation like documented on

The installation (page import v.17 and demo data) looks ok but my problem is im not able to pin an article from demo data. Shouldnt pinning work without extra configuration? Am i missing something?

If i install the aimeos distribution(17v dosent work for typo3 v7.6.x so i install the 16.10) pining works.

So I thought it could be because i have to install the aimeos extension v.16.10.5 on Typo3 7.6.20 (page import v.16) but now i got the same result, im not able to pin an article from demo data.

I need help, i dont know what im doing wrong.

My 2. question is do i really need the bootstrap distribution? I made my own based on twitter bootstrap and on ... requisites on requiered software nothing is written about that.

Many Thanks
#4421 by aimeos
25 Jul 2017, 17:09
Did you place the "Catalog Session" plugin on the same page as the "Catalog Detail" plugin? If not, please check the page reference to the page with the "Catalog Session" plugin in the flexform of the "Catalog Detail" plugin.
#4427 by aimeos
26 Jul 2017, 10:15
The page reference must be now explicitly set to the same page in the catalog detail plugin so the passed parameters are use. Seems like this changed in TYPO3 7.6.16 which made an incompatible change in parameter handling.

We will update the page tree file. Thank you for the hint! :-)