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#5245 by mantik
18 Dec 2017, 08:16
Hmmm no
i' ve configured module.tx_aimeos.settings.admin.jqadm for usergrops but even if i comment it out it changes anything.
#5258 by nos3
19 Dec 2017, 08:41
Please update the ai-customergroups extension. In the configuration, the "product" subpart was missing.
Sorry for that!
#5283 by mantik
21 Dec 2017, 08:56
just a question. if i change the order in the backend then nothing happen in frontend. but then after some time the order was correct.
Is there some kind of cache?
#5285 by aimeos
21 Dec 2017, 09:01
After the index rebuild has been executed successfully, the product index contains the new positions too and therefore, the frontend shows the new order of the products.