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#4659 by kimholberg
29 Sep 2017, 16:24
Just installed Aimeos in a new Neos 3.2.0 installation and get this error on top of the search field:

Catalog node for ID "" not available

What does it mean and what can i do to correct this?

I have added just one product and this shows up ok.


aimeos_error.png (15.15 KiB) Viewed 607 times
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#4676 by aimeos
01 Oct 2017, 10:13
Looks like Neos is passing an empty parameter as default for the list route. Tried this with a plain Flow installation where this doesn't happen.

What is the URL in your address bar?
#4700 by kimholberg
04 Oct 2017, 14:18
Think i solved this, but puzzled about the text in doc:

If users view a product list page without a category ID in the parameter list, the first found products are displayed with a random order. You can circumvent this by configuring a default category ID that should be used in this case (the ID of the root category is best for this). In most cases you can set this value via the administration interface of the shop application.

It seems it does not by default just use the first product without an error.

I then added the ID of the root category from the shop admin in Settings.yaml:

Code: Select allAimeos:
            catid-default: 1

Error gone..:-)