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#4925 by pixls
10 Nov 2017, 09:37

How do I go about modifying the product search? I haven't been able to find where i can modify the search to only search by product title. I have the following problem:

Lets say i have the products "Apple" and "Pie". The product "Pie" has the following description "contains apples and bannanas". If i were to search for "Apple" now the product "Pie" would show up in the search as well, because the description contains the word "apple" as well.

Btw thanks for sponsoring the TYPO3 camp Rhein-Ruhr. It was a great event :D
#4947 by aimeos
12 Nov 2017, 12:11
Not as easy as it seems a the first glance :-/
In the database, the domain and text type is stored but the interface of the index manager and controller doesn't allow to limit the texts for searching to e.g. "product" and "name".

An alternative would be to add a configuration to only index allowed text types here: