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#5122 by chricken
27 Nov 2017, 14:20
I am sorry for my many question, but I am sure, the answers will help many people.

The order process is working but I am not receiving any confirmation emails. So I guess, I have missed something.

I have
  • set the shop planer task 'process order delivery service' to be processed every 60 seconds.
  • set the cron to call the scheduler tasks. They are performing.
  • set the TS-setup to:
    Code: Select allmodule.tx_aimeos {
      client { {
          logo = /fileadmin/templates/bilder/logo_inselweine_klein.jpg
          from-email =
          from-name = Insel-Weine
          reply-email =
          reply-name = Insel-Weine     

When I place an order, it is being stored correctly, but nobody is getting any email.
I am pretty sure to have missed something, can someone please give me a hint?

#5130 by aimeos
27 Nov 2017, 21:58
"process order delivery service" is for sending orders to e.g. an ERP system.

What you need is to
- set up the Aimeos advanced scheduler task
- and select "order payment e-mail"