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#5159 by chricken
29 Nov 2017, 14:41
I'd love to change the emails.
I understand, how to do that, but unfortunately I can not find the original template files.

Can someone give me a hint, please?

Aimeos 17.10.2-pre1 unter Typo3 8.7.8

#5706 by Stefan80
19 Feb 2018, 12:35
I have a question too:

I used: = email/common/text-summary-body-default-test.php

to change/add the text shown in the email , when a product is ordered ... but there is no change in the text?
#5719 by aimeos
20 Feb 2018, 23:59
The configuration is correct for the text version of the payment related e-mail if you enter it into the TS-Config field of the scheduler task.

Regarding your other question, please open a new thread.