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#5211 by mantik
05 Dec 2017, 15:44
i've adde a mediatype:

So i can select it on the product

but when i safe it goes back to default...
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#5237 by mantik
16 Dec 2017, 09:33
i've update it. still not works. now i both options apear from beginning but when i save its still be the default value

and an other error what i have is still with the languages:
Code: Select all                case 'customer.languageid':
                        case 0:
                            $value = 'de';
                        case 1:
                            $value = 'fr';
                        case 2:
                            $value = 'it';
                    $address->setLanguageId( $value );

if i don't do that no customer are displays in the customer module and a message "wrong iso code 0" appear.
#5274 by mantik
20 Dec 2017, 12:22
oh boy.... now after update the Salutaions have lost his translated labels...

its really hard to work with a software like this.

customergroup extension delete the product tab by the category module
imagetypes can't be saved
now this....

please improve a little bit your deplyoment quality so the system will stay stable...
#5282 by mantik
21 Dec 2017, 08:13
No problem - can happen but you must see our side.
for a small update where we think there are some minutes we get a call from our clients for new bugs and then must work few hours for free to see are there any other things that not working too.

the updates solves the problem but not fully. in the backend (customer module - listits) still mr and mrs

The problem appears also in the mails
#5284 by aimeos
21 Dec 2017, 08:59
That's the reason why this must not happen in a LTS release ...

In the customer panel of the admin interface, these values aren't translated so nothing has changed. The e-mails use the same translation source as in the checkout, so there must be a different problem:

Did you enable APCu?