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#5238 by mantik
16 Dec 2017, 12:51
Hello i don't have any comany when i go to the checkout summary.
but in the billing / deliveryaddress-view it appears

Code: Select all   $this->translate( 'client', '%1$s
%2$s %3$s %4$s %5$s
%6$s %7$s
%9$s %10$s
   ( in_array( $addr->getSalutation(), $salutations ) ? $this->translate( 'client/code', $addr->getSalutation() ) : '' ),
   $this->translate( 'client/country', $addr->getCountryId() ),
   $this->translate( 'client/language', $addr->getLanguageId() ),

Strange is also when i go to the last summary and then back to the address view my company is lost!
and i have to set it new in the users backend....

is there any kind of posting/updating in the checkout before i order?
#5241 by aimeos
16 Dec 2017, 14:53
In the demo it seems to work without problem:
Maybe you've overwritten someting in your own templates resp. use a wrong field name etc.?

The addresses in the checkout process are updated in the database after the address step if they are changed.
#5243 by mantik
18 Dec 2017, 08:05
ok i got it. if i choose by the gender company it works. but if i use mr then the company field would be cleared.
i wanna first remove company from gender and second i would use both because we need a person in the company to deliver the order.
#5246 by mantik
18 Dec 2017, 09:28
ok i find how to configure
Code: Select all            checkout{
                                1 = mr
                                2 = mrs

So now i need just to deactivate the salutation-company-mechanism.
i disable it in aimeos.js

Code: Select all   /**
    * Shows company and VAT ID fields if salutation is "company", otherwise
    * hide the fields
   setupSalutationCompany: function() {

      $(".checkout-standard-address .form-list").on("change", ".salutation select", function(ev) {
         var fields = $(".company,.vatid", ev.delegateTarget);
         $(this).val() === "company" ? : fields.hide();

...on different positions (setupAddressForms, setupSalutationCompany) but dosent work
#5261 by aimeos
19 Dec 2017, 12:18
You are right, it's there: and

I think we should remove that lines so it will be possible to use company/VATID easier in combination with another saluation. For the time now, you would have to extend those two classes, overwrite that method and configure the name of your new class.