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#5441 by pixls
17 Jan 2018, 15:53

To test the PayPal Payment i created a sandbox account at
In aimeos i set the required configuration values "paypalexpress.AccountEmail ", "paypalexpress.ApiUsername",
"paypalexpress.ApiPassword" and "paypalexpress.ApiSignature" based on the credentials i got from the sandbox account. I've double checked and these values are correct, I copied them straight from the sandbox site.

However i get the following error when trying to pay with PayPal:
Request for order ID failed with "Security error"

In the aimeos log i can see that there is a "Security header is not valid" error which would be typical for wrong API credentials. However that can not be that case, I'm certain.

The full error is:
PayPal Express: method = Aimeos\MShop\Service\Provider\Payment\PayPalExpress::process, order ID = 79, response = Array ( [TIMESTAMP] => 2018-01-17T15:38:58Z [CORRELATIONID] => ba9dd6f45d09e [ACK] => Failure [VERSION] => 204.0 [BUILD] => 000000 [L_ERRORCODE0] => 10002 [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Security error [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => Security header is not valid [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error )

What's wrong here? Thanks for any help.

TYPO3 8.7.7
aimeos: 17.10.0
#5460 by aimeos
18 Jan 2018, 18:16
The PayPalExpress provider still uses the old PayPal NVP API. In the demo dataset, you find the sandbox URL too:

paypalexpress.ApiEndpoint :
paypalexpress.PaypalUrl : ... mit&token=%1$s