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#5456 by tenkraD
18 Jan 2018, 16:12
Salute everyone,

i'd like to have my products in sub categories of a categorie.
So i created under catalog the categorie and in it the subcategories.
Then i attached the products to the sub categorie.
> Categorie "kitchen" -> subcategorie "tables", and to tables i attached the products.

Is it possible, out of the box, to see all my products of the sub categories in "the catalog stage area" while im on the categorie?
I know i can attach the products twice in the backend to categorie and sub categorie and then its working but does it give an more elegant way to handle that?

I use typo3 7.6.x and aimeos 17.10.x
Many thanks
#5459 by aimeos
18 Jan 2018, 18:11
In the way you currently do it, you have the advantage that you have control over the product order in the listing.

The alternative is setting this option:
It will aggregate all products from the sub-categories (up to the level you configure) into a combined product listing.