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#5552 by tenkraD
25 Jan 2018, 18:44
Hy everyone,
my custom theme and aimeos theme wasnt included.
Because of the "-" in page.includeCSS.aimeos-common i replaced the "-" with a "_" and it was working.

and aimeos.css was also not totaly included if i used page.includeCSS.aimeos as described in the docs.
After i wrote it like this page.includeCSS.tx_aimeos its was working

Is the example in the docs false?

# working Overwrite Theme CSS Files
page.includeCSS.aimeos_common = {$mycustom.tx_aimeos.theme.css.common}
page.includeCSS.tx_aimeos = {$mycustom.tx_aimeos.theme.css.aimeos}

#5602 by tenkraD
30 Jan 2018, 16:54
aimeos wrote:No this can't be the reason because the other configurations that contains "-" do also work:

Maybe your own config wasn't applied after the Aimeos one so it have overwritten it?

I tried this and applied my theme after my config but still with the same result.
Im stuck, is this not a naming problem in typo3 if u use "-" instead of "_"?
#5606 by aimeos
30 Jan 2018, 18:12
No, TYPO3 accepts both, "-" and "_" characters in TS strings. Where did you add your setting? in the setup TS of your root page or somewhere else?
#5610 by tenkraD
30 Jan 2018, 19:23
i added it under "template" in the "setup" section of my shop after the aimeos config part

<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT:source="FILE: fileadmin/mh_bs3dist/Aimeos/Typoscript/themesetup.ts">

---------- themesetup.ts file --------
# Theme CSS Files
page.includeCSS.aimeos_common = fileadmin/Aimeos/Themes/shop_theme/common.css
page.includeCSS.tx_aimeos = fileadmin/Aimeos/Themes/shop_theme/aimeos.css
#5623 by tenkraD
01 Feb 2018, 18:56
im still having this problem and found no solution.
b.t.w. i just wanna say thanks for the great app and support!

you guys rock :)
#5627 by aimeos
02 Feb 2018, 17:43
This should add your files additionally to the Aimeos standard files. Those are added by:
Code: Select allpage.includeCSS.aimeos = {$plugin.tx_aimeos.theme.css.aimeos}
page.includeCSS.aimeos-custom = {$plugin.tx_aimeos.theme.css.custom}