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#5565 by mantik
26 Jan 2018, 14:08

i've a Problem. When i put something in the Additionalfield on next time in the checkout my address2 is in the field address1 and address2 is empty...

second question: how is it possioble that the checkout procces start on address and not on summary (if some address is there) so i want disable the redirect to the last checkout page. i will that every user confirm his address each times.

thats because if the user have setup the first time his address on german but order on french his confirmation will be in german. exept the service labels.

but if the user switch the language go back to the checkout address page then the user will get the right language in his email confirmation.
#5570 by aimeos
26 Jan 2018, 16:33
Can you reproduce that behavior on

For your second question: Yes, disable the "Autofill" plugin in the administration interface. Then, addresses won't be added to the basket automatically and users have to step through the checkout every time.