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#5599 by tenkraD
30 Jan 2018, 14:18

Is it possible to set meta keywords for an categorie or product?
I didnt found something about it in the docs.
And can i set meta keywords via typoscript?

page.meta.keywords.wrap = Keyword 1,Keyword 2,|

Typo3 7.6.x / Aimeos 17.10.0
#5604 by aimeos
30 Jan 2018, 17:57
It doesn't make much sense to set the meata keywords and meta description the same for all products/categories. This would be the case if you set it via TypoScript. Instead, you can add both (and the URL segment as well) for each product/category in the text tab of the backend.
#5612 by tenkraD
31 Jan 2018, 10:14
Product/Categorie under Text Tab > Meta Keywords, Url Segment.
Works very well