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#5729 by tenkraD
22 Feb 2018, 14:24

I create an own Extension to extend Aimeos.

I would like to name my extension "something_aimeos"
Is it a problem if i use underline? In Typo3 Extensions with underline are allowed but not with "-" .
On the site only Extension Names with"-" are allowed but not with "_".

Typo3 7.6.x / Aimeos 17.10.0
#5738 by aimeos
23 Feb 2018, 00:06
Yes, for TYPO3 underscores in extension names would be allowed but that also would require camel-caseing class namespaces like \SomethingAimeos. Therefore, the extension build won't create extensions with underscores. For TYPO3 it won't allow dashes either.