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#5800 by stiller
07 Mar 2018, 12:50
hi there
I'm running a site with TYPO3 8.7, t3sbootstrap, dyncss and dyncss_scss (all latest versions)
after installation of aimeos 18.1.1 the parser fails to load

Class 'Leafo\ScssPhp\Compiler' not found
Error thrown in dyncss_scss/Classes/Parser/ScssParser.php in line 17

obviously the installation of aimeos breaks the autoload routine.
anything I can do about it?

your help would be much appreciated
#5811 by stiller
08 Mar 2018, 23:13
thanks, but isn't there another workaround?
dyncss is quite a common extension and aimeos shouldn't interfere whith its loading calls.
I'm experiencing difficulties to install composer on my VM and don't feel very literate with this method either.
any suggestions?