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#5816 by Stefan80
12 Mar 2018, 11:42

I want to use the coupons-option , but where can I link a product to coupon-code?

And: every coupon-code should be only used once by a Account/email - which code I use?

Thank you
#5820 by aimeos
13 Mar 2018, 13:01
There are two decorators you can apply to a coupon provider in the admin panel ("+" symbol in detail view):

Require a specific product:

Allow coupon once per customer e-mail:
#5826 by aimeos
14 Mar 2018, 10:52
The "Required" decorator allows you to specify a product that must be in the basket of the customer so the coupon is valid:

The other way round (configure in the product panel that this product belongs to a coupon) isn't possible.

Does this answer your question or is there a misunderstanding? What do you want to achieve?
#5827 by Stefan80
14 Mar 2018, 10:58
Yes, i can use required.productcode, but I have so much products to insert manually ... there is no code for alle products?

for example: required.productcode = all ?
#5830 by Stefan80
14 Mar 2018, 12:16
When I use for example the demo Coupon ( "demo-rebate" ,see image 2) I get the error "No product with code "demo-rebate" found" (see image 1).
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#5833 by aimeos
14 Mar 2018, 19:39
The FixedRebate and PercentRebate coupon providers need a product that will be added to the basket when the coupon is applied. This product will then show up in the basket and a negative price is added to that product in the basket by the providers.

You've deleted the demo rebate product (code: "demo-rebate") so you get the error from your screenshot. Add a new rebate product (normal article not associated to a category) and use its code in the coupon configuration. Then, it will work again.