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#5948 by chricken
04 Apr 2018, 13:51
Hi, there is one issue with my shop, I still haven't solved, yet.
When a customer is ordering for more then 100€, there should be no delivery costs.
I am pretty sure, that is easy to achive, can anyone give me a hint?

#6026 by chricken
12 Apr 2018, 11:29
thanks for answering.
It works, but I have a few issues with it:
    - The transportation price is no more shown in the overview. That may cause some struggle.
    - When the customers selects the transportation, the costs are shown with full price.
So the customer is somewhat irritated, if and how much he has to pay.
I am running v17.10.2, has there been any change in that behaviour?
#6033 by aimeos
13 Apr 2018, 17:34
For the first problem, you can change that if you overwrite the detail template and remove the if() here:

To prevent the second problem, you can add the "Reduction" decorator to your delivery options with 100% reduction over e.g. 100€: